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These offerings are available online. 

email to schedule a MyoWild® tour call if you are unsure which one would best benefit you. 

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Wild Compass 1:1


This call is about an hour to an hour and a half. It is a condensed activation of your Internal Compass. Designed to jumpstart your Wild Journey the Wild Compass session may be combined to any of the other offerings. The call focuses on the four directions: your past, your future, your physical body and your internal relationship to self. 


Power to Change



These small group experiences are 6 or 11 weeks. The Power to Change videos are included with this Mentorship. Small groups activate the participant in a way that 1:1 does not. Seeing others engage their dynamics stimulates the voyeur in us and allows us to view our own experiences through story and energetics.  

Private 1:1 Mentorship


If undivided attention is the way you activate, or you are a high profile presence who wants to stay out of the spotlight, this is an online option for the MyoWild® experience. Another option is the Center of the Wild© Maui experience. The Power to Change© recorded information is also available at this level of investment. 

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My Clients Get Results

You've done "all of the things". Done the trauma work, done the counseling, done the treatment plans, and you still feel you are rearranging dead flowers!

Now you're ready to FLY and want to create your own genius with your unique signature.

If's time to Re-New. Learn where your power comes from, how to create more, spend less and recharge in a sustainable way. 

Learn to be Autonomous, Self-Sufficient, Sovereign and a Master of Self. 

Change your World. 

For you, "Courses" and "Classes" just won't cut it. 
I get it. 

Choosing a coach or mentor is just like choosing anything else: a car, a decor style, a vacation spot. Average will not do. Boring is for other people. You crave the tension of fear and excitement. 

I will teach you to run in to the ROAR. 

Play the edge. Find your edge. 

And jump from there.

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