Practitioner Paradigm Experiences

The knowledge, Information and practical techniques and skills you want. 

Increase your efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. 

Postural Blueprint Method©

Bowdy Baby is a Postural Blueprint Method© that creates movement and dynamism that improve oral function almost instantly. 

Practitioners report at least an 80% improvement in the first consult using this assessment and educational method in their practices. 

The Peri-Operative Workshop for the Frenectomy Assistant

Use the Nursing Process to guide decision making and sequencing of care; Pre / Intra / and Post Operatively. 
Learn Office Policy best practices, Assessment basics, Documentation, Surgical Operatory Management and Operatory Ergonomics. 

Assistants, Nurses, IBCLCs, Bodyworkers and Doctors will benefit. 

Airway Consultant Certificate

Learn the Big Picture of Airway Health Management. This course is designed for anyone working in Airway Health. 
Coaching and Consulting information for the Airway patient and family on their journey is in high demand. This course will give you a structure and paradigm in which to assist families with decision making and prioritization of options. Families become more confident and self-sufficient by using the paradigm taught in this course. 

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