An over-achiever. Broken from study and self-improvement that has not improved your health and well-being or that of your clients 
Creator of Art. Desiring freedom in business, body and relationships while playing with all that is BEyond what you can imagine. 
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My Clients

Collapse Time
Land faster with more energy
Shift on their own terms
Give and receive the unimaginable with no effort
Get results for themselves and their clients


I am a potent disruptor.

A visionary who facilitates change in others from a place of knowledge, experience and energetic calibration.

"If you want to wake up, shift and see the world through a completely different lens, she is your person."


"As a healthcare practitioner, I realized I already had what I needed to be off the chart successful! No amount of further education was required. Now I have the freedom to practice my way. On my terms. My genius was present all the time."

"Our family already had the tools and strategy we needed to create the life we wanted. We decided not to spend thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical treatment and created so much happiness instead." 

Edge of the Wild

These recorded opportunities to explore the Wild philosophy and framework is a  great places to start. For practitioners who want to curate their genius before going Into the Wild, the information here is a taste. Change your Paradigm. 

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Into The Wild

This signature facilitation process takes the participant on their unique journey, using their own codes and compass. Discover your personal and or practice genius. Get there FAST. Choose your level of investment, choose your progress. 

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Center of the Wild

Coming Soon. Center of the Wild Events will test and stretch you. Connect with yourself and Curate your UNimaginable In the Wild. Belly to belly is a potent way to explore your edges and grow.                    

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