Lip-Tie Diagnosis: Mom goes from Uncertain to UNimaginable, Barely making it to BEyond BElieveable.

lip-tie motherculture myowild sleep tongue-tie voltage Aug 10, 2020

Listen in on how Kori Meloy re-invented her SELF and her business after the diagnosis of Lip-Tie rendered her uncertain of her every move. 

It's a typical scenario: Issues related to feeding, dental health and sleep arise and Mom is pointed to enter the rabbit hole of "Ties". Like many Moms, Kori was losing herself, putting herself on the back burner and her family was suffering because of it. 

After reaching out to me, Kori was given the opportunity to turn it all around, exit the rabbit hole and now has a NEW UNimaginable lease on life and everything she desires. PLUS. 

Listen in as she tells her story of Barely making it to Beyond. 

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